Welcome to Anokhi Dental.

We are a holistic dental practice in the heart of Sydney CBD.

For us, dentistry is not just about teeth.

It is about looking after our patients from a holistic approach with a strong focus on patient comfort, prevention, and education to achieve good dental (and overall) health.

We work on the philosophy that “prevention is best” and provide dental care that is holistically tailored to your unique needs.

The treatments we provide and materials we use are always aimed at working as harmoniously with your body as possible.

We offer all of this in a beautiful spa-like, calming environment

conveniently located in Pitt St, Sydney.

We are currently open limited hours to provide essential and emergency treatments during

pandemic restrictions.

Please contact us if you require dental care.

At Anokhi Dental, we have always taken infection control extremely seriously and during the COVID-19 outbreak, hygiene has become even more important to us.

We always employ ‘best practice’ and follow strict protocols for hand hygiene, sterilisation of instruments and use of protective clothing and equipment.

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Why Us

Our experienced and gentle team provide a wide range of general dental services with an emphasis on working as harmoniously with your body as possible. We respect the intimate relationship between oral and overall health and “look beyond the mouth” in order to provide you with the best possible holistic care. You will experience something completely unique and different from the moment you come through our doors.

Anokhi Dental will change the way you feel about your dental care.

Welcome to Anokhi Dental.

Anokhi Dental Services

Our experienced and gentle hygienists and dentists are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care and comprehensive dental services.
We offer a wide range of dental services and are committed to ensuring that every patient we see has a positive ‘Anokhi” experience.

General Dentist
Safer Mercury
Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth Grinding
Tooth Replacement
Children Dentistry
Emergency Dental

Our Practice

Anokhi… translates to “unique” in Sanskrit, the ancient language associated with India.

More than ever, these days we are recognising that the whole body is connected. This means on a mind, body and spirit level. The mouth is intimately associated with the rest of the body through many pathways. These include blood, nerves, lymph and energy meridians associated with acupuncture points. Essentially, the body affects the mouth and the mouth affects the body.

As a holistic dental practice we are mindful of the treatments we carry out and the materials that we use. Every material placed and every procedure carried out has some effect on the person as a whole. We work to minimise the impact of treatment on your body. Anokhi Dental is proudly a mercury safe and fluoride free practice.

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We are conveniently located on the first floor of the Piccadilly Centre in the heart of Sydney CBD. Just a short walk from Town Hall Station.

Monday: 8am – 5pm
Tuesday: 8am – 5pm
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Thursday: 8am – 5pm
Friday: Closed
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