What to expect

  • You will be greeted by the scent of soothing aromatherapy oils and a cup of organic herbal tea when you enter the practice. If you are sensitive to any essential oils, please let us know at the time of booking and we will refrain from usage on the day of your visit.

  • Feel calm in our beautiful spa-like wait area as you leaf through our selection of inspiring magazines and beautiful books. Play with one of our eclectic instruments to create some healing sounds. Sit back and enjoy the stunning décor of the Anokhi space!

  • Once we take you through to the treatment room we will ensure that you are absolutely comfortable before your treatment commences. Neck pillows and weighted blankets are available as well as papaya lip balm applications.

  • We use a reduced radiation digital x-ray system ensuring you receive the absolute minimal exposure to radiation when taking images.

  • If you are particularly anxious, we have Bach flower remedies, soothing essential oils and nitrous oxide (happy gas) available at request.

  • We also have a wide selection of calming music. You are also welcome to bring your own music with you.

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