Teeth Whitening and Reasons to Smile!

Author: Dr Aushi Patel

Smiling is the universal language of happiness!

The latest research suggests there’s good reason to flash your pearly whites more often. Did you know that smiling (and more so, laughing) can not only lift your mood but also improve your health? Smiles are how we connect with others and express appreciation and happiness.

When you smile, dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are all released in your body.

These “brain messengers” known as neurotransmitters work their magic in relieving pain, lifting your mood and relaxing your body.

Teeth Whitenning

Who doesn’t enjoy the confidence to flash a smile they can proud of? Did you know that most people notice a persons’ smile more than any other feature when they meet them for the first time?

In a quest for a sparkling smile, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures sought out around the world today. But did you know that this practice has been around for many centuries? The Ancient Egyptians used to whiten their teeth by applying ground pumice stone mixed in wine vinegar to their teeth.Furthermore, the Ancient Romans whitened their teeth using urine – the ammonia in the urine being the whitening agent!

Luckily these days we have more modern and safer ways to achieve a sparkling white smile!

In the 1980s, dentists stumbled upon a new way to whiten teeth when they realised that hydrogen peroxide used as an antiseptic to treat gum disease also resulted in a whitening of the teeth. Over time trays and gels were developed specifically for teeth whitening offering us more modern and refined ways of achieving a bright smile.

Is teeth whitening safe?

The answer is yes, but only if it is done responsibly. 

This includes a thorough assessment of your teeth in order to choose the safest and most effective whitening system for you. We only use whitening systems based on hydrogen peroxide, which is completely safe to use in the mouth.

Your quest for a brighter smile should begin with a chat with your dentist. 

At Anokhi Dental we offer a safe way to whiten teeth using only TGA approved whitening systems. These may be used either individually or in conjunction with each other. They are:

·     In Chair Whitening – this is a single 90-minute appointment where an activated whitening hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth in 7-minute cycles by the dentist.

·    Take Home Whitening – this involves using a less concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel in custom made trays for 30-minute cycles at home.

Which treatment is suitable for you will depend on factors such as your age, how discoloured your teeth are and whether they are sensitive.

Our experienced dentists will check your teeth and your dental history to tailor your specific treatment.

For example, if you have sensitive teeth, we’ll use a lower concentration for a longer period to avoid triggering your sensitivity, while also achieving the results you want.  If you don’t suffer from tooth sensitivity, you may be a candidate for an in-chair treatment.  If you exhibit severe discoloration you may be advised an in-chair treatment followed by a course of at home whitening.

Under the supervision of your dentist you can be rest assured your teeth are being whitened safely using a high quality and safe product.

If you are interested in a whiter brighter smile call us on (02) 9264 5195 or book online at www.anokhidental.com.au

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