Mindful or Mind FULL eating? Is there a diference?

Author: Dr Aushi Patel

At Anokhi Dental, our general discussion with patients about healthy eating generally focuses on WHAT we eat (and drink). Avoiding processed foods and sugar is essential to healthy teeth. Much less attention is paid to the question of HOW we eat.

 When we think about “healthy eating” this usually means food that is physically nutritious for us- nutrient-dense whole foods, good fats and so on. But do we really consider the practices around which we eat?

 The act of eating is essentially self-care, right? Not only do we nourish ourselves physically but also on an emotional and spiritual level. Think of the last meal you really enjoyed and how that felt. Did you feel – content, comforted, at peace?

Being conscious about the way we eat may be as important as what it is we actually put in our mouths. When we are eating in a rush, or distracted, we are essentially denying ourselves the fullness and joy of eating. This is where “mind-full” takes over. Full of distractions, anxiety, stimulation…Facebook!

Here are 3 simple (and fun!) daily practices you can easily implement into your life to reconnect to “mindful” eating and really tap into your self-care and nourish your soul.

 3 Simple Daily Practices


Put the phone on silent and no TV. Perhaps allocate a few meals a week (if possible) to eat in solitude? And please no Facebook, Instagram or Twittering while we eat. You wouldn’t be scrolling through Facebook if you were in an important work meeting, would you? Think of your meal times as a time to really focus on nourishing your body.



Feel thankful for your food. Start by taking a moment to pause and feel gratitude for the food in front of you. Appreciate for a moment the water, soil, sun and other elements (and people!)  that were part of its creation as you sit down to eat. The people who worked along the way for you to receive this food.

In many traditions around the world, time is dedicated at the beginning of a meal to give thanks.


 Taking the time to savour and enjoy your food is one of the most loving things you can offer yourself! Taste the flavours and note the textures of each mouthful.

You will probably find yourself noticing flavours you might otherwise have missed. Try to chew each mouthful at least 25 times. This breaks the food down into more digestible portions and mixes it with the saliva which contains important digestive enzymes.

Remember good digestion begins in the mouth! 

If all else fails to slow you down while eating, you could try eating with chopsticks (if you are not proficient with them ) as a fun way to slow thingsdown!!

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