Holistic Practices

At Anokhi Dental our philosophy is to apply ancient wisdom alongside modern dentistry. In addition to the wide range of general dental services we offer, we support the scientific evidence that shows the intimate relationship between oral and overall health. We “look beyond the mouth” in order to provide you with the best possible holistic care.

Here are some aspects of your care at Anokhi Dental that provide you with this experience:

1. At your initial consultation, along with your medical and dental review we also consider:

  • Health of gums and bones

  • Teeth health, cavities, erosion abrasion, cracks, broken fillings etc.

  • Tongue health and gut health

  • Breathing patterns and jaw development

  • Bite Issues

  • Sleep disorders

  • Evidence of grinding

  • Oral cancer check

  • Dental Infections which may be asymptomatic

2. To support a thorough initial consultation we will take low dose digital X-rays in-house,with the most up to date technology.

3. At Anokhi Dental, we take great care with the materials and products used within the mouth. We use Fluoride and BPA free white filling materials and filtered water throughout our water lines including drills. We are also a Mercury safe practice. We also offer non-metallic crowns, bridges and dentures.

4.   Comfort for all senses – Your 5 senses play an integral and nourishing role in your experience at Anokhi Dental.  You will experience this from the moment you enter our doors. The aesthetics, smells, sounds, taste and textures of the Anokhi reception, waiting area and treatment rooms have been designed and styled with your wellbeing in mind.  Sip on our special blend of herbal tea, while listening to healing sounds along with the smell of aromatherapy oils. During treatment enjoy the option of weighted blanket to give you a sense of security and calm during your treatment.

5. Products – enjoy browsing our range of products to support your holistic health: fluoride free toothpastes, Ayurvedic toothpastes, herbal mouthwashes, eco-friendly toothbrushes, special blend tea, books, candles and aromatherapy oils.

6. Education – We love sharing our passion for holistic health practices. You can keep updated through our monthly newsletter, educational blog and social posts.  You can also ask any of our knowledgable staff any questions you may have.

7. Collaborative Relationships – We work with other Allied Health Practitioners such as integrated doctors, Ayurveda doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors to name a few.

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