Dr Aushi Patel (BDS Lond.), AIAOMT

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Dr Aushi Patel BDS (Lond.), AIAOMT

Dr Aushi Patel is the principal dentist and owner of Anokhi Dental. She has been a dentist for almost 25 years, with more than half of this working in holistic dentistry. She was born in East Africa and grew up in Canada. She then studied at the University of London (Kings College School of Medicine and Dentistry ) where she received her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1995. After graduating  she worked in London in both private practice and the hospital system before moving to Sydney which has been her home since 2000.

Dr Patel joined “Bio Compatible Dentistry” (now known as Anokhi Dental) in 2003 and through succession she became sole director in 2007.

She is passionate about holistic dentistry and over the years has created a truly unique practice and space where patient care and comfort is of utmost Importance.

Her practice philosophies are based on the awareness that the mouth is intimately connected to the entire body and should be treated as such.

Dr Patel believes that the best dentistry is that which has minimal impact on the body. This means being mindful of the treatments performed and the materials that are used.

She has always been dedicated to keeping up to date with current scientific research and is continually updating her team and patients with her knowledge. She enjoys learning about nutrition, detoxification, gut health, traditional medicine and other areas related to holistic healthcare.  In view of her Indian heritage she has a special interest in Ayurveda (the ancient medical system and philosophies of India) and its value in dentistry. She is currently studying for her Certificate in Ayurvedic Healing.

Dr Patel works closely with some of the country’s leading integrative doctors, Ayurvedic practitioners, naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and chiropractors to name a few.

She is one a few accredited members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in this country. Through this academy she is also accredited with SMART– Safe Amalgam Removal Technique.

Her gentle nature and compassionate approach has resulted in many years successfully treating nervous and anxious patients.

Outside of work she loves a bit of adventure and creativity and is a keen scuba diver and jeweller.

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