Do you love Kombucha? See these tips to protect your teeth!

Author: Dr Aushi Patel

Is Kombucha bad for my teeth?

As we move into the warmer months who doesn’t enjoy the refreshing drink kombucha- a popular wellness drink these days and healthier alternative to fizzy soda.

Made by made by brewing sweet tea with a mixture of sugar, bacteria and yeast, kombucha has been used as a natural health remedy for hundreds of years. After it is fermented it becomes a carbonated drink containing enzymes, B vitamins, probiotics, vinegar and numerous acids. These days there are many delicious flavours of kombucha available to us. A personal favourite of mine is ginger kombucha!


This sparkling drink is great for digestion, our immune system and general health. Its antioxidants help fight inflammation and its prebiotic and probiotic ingredients are thought to promote a healthy gut. As most of our immune system is located in the gut this can be a wonderful (and yummy!) way to improve our general health!

It’s no wonder that these days that health-conscious people are choosing kombucha over more traditional “soda’s” due to its lower sugar content and overall health benefits.

The bad news is that kombucha may not be so great for our teeth. 

Kombucha must have a pH level of below 3.5 in order to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The main bacteria in kombucha produce acetic, gluconic and lactic acid, which make it quite acidic. Acid can soften and wear down enamel (the hard and protective layer covering our teeth). This can lead to exposed dentine, sensitive teeth, decay and other dental issues.Just like traditional tea and coffee, kombucha can also lead to staining of the teeth due to its dark colour.

 In fact, drinking kombucha can be just as harmful to our teeth as drinking a fizzy soda!

That said this doesn’t mean that the health benefits of kombucha aren’t worth the potential risk to our teeth. So, if you are a lover of kombucha, keep drinking it, but be mindful of how it may affect your teeth.

Here are our 3 “teeth friendly” tips if you are a lover of kombucha:

  1.  Wait at least one hour before brushing your teeth. This is because the acid in your drink can soften the surface mineral on your teeth. By brushing or eating soon after you are at risk of scraping the essential minerals making up the enamel off the teeth. Fortunately, our own saliva contains the minerals teeth are made of i.e. calcium and phosphate. By waiting one hour you give your saliva an opportunity to bathe and “remineralise” or in effect, repair your teeth.

  2. Avoid sipping. Consistently bathing your teeth in any type of acidic beverage – be it lemon water, apple cider vinegar or kombucha your teeth can be damaged. Instead, try to drink it up in one sitting.

  3. Use a straw. If you do want to sip your kombucha, try using a straw (no plastic please). This will ensure minimal contact of the drink with your teeth.

Anokhi is all about prevention.  We hope these tips help!  

We suggest regular check up’s and a professional teeth clean – ideally, twice a year.

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