Dr Dr William

Bach William Bui

William graduated as an oral health therapist (OHT) in 2018 from the University of Sydney.

He is also a registered nurse (RN) and before embarking on his dental career he worked with medical specialists in the field of gastroenterology, with a particular focus on the gut microbiome, gut health and overall health.

With this background and a growing interest in dental health (and its  importance in overall health) William chose to embark on his dental career.

Since graduating he has worked in Melbourne, Sydney and Vanuatu -providing dental care to diverse groups of people which he has found very rewarding.

An understanding of the importance of the mouth-body connection gives William a unique perspective in providing dental care with a truly holistic approach. He places great focus on educating his patients on the prevention of oral disease as he understand how intimately the health of the mouth is connected to the health of the body.

He is thorough with his treatments, yet gentle, and always makes the comfort of his patients a priority. He finds nothing more rewarding than seeing his patients improve their dental and general health through the advice and treatment he provides.

Outside of work, William enjoys eating out, cooking and working out at the gym.

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