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Welcome to Anokhi Dental, formerly known as  Bio Compatible Dentistry.

 Dr. Aushi Patel has been the owner and principal dentist at Bio Compatible Dentistry (BCD), a holistic dental practice in Sydney CBD for many years.

As we have grown and evolved we were inspired to refresh and rebrand our practice to reflect these exciting changes. The result – the birth of Anokhi Dental!

Anokhi Dental was launched in early 2018 to reflect Aushi’s accumulated wisdom and ongoing vision for true holistic dental care. This builds on the solid foundations set down through her years’ operating as “Bio Compatible Dentistry”. It was certainly a “heart project” for her and as a team it was just wonderful to see it all come together!

Our patients agree it is a beautiful, tranquil space with “very calming dentistry” on offer.

Envisioning a practice where the best of modern dentistry could be combined with ancient health wisdom was a strong concept we wanted to diffuse throughout the place. This can be seen throughout the colours and decor in the wait area through to the copper Ayurvedic tongue scrapers gifted to all of our patients. Our basic philosophy is “If we think of the gastro-intestinal tract as a river then the beginning of that river is the mouth- whatever is going on in the mouth will affect further down the river and throughout the body”. Everything is connected! So a healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body. It is as simple as that!

The name Anokhi translates to “unique” in Sanskrit which is the ancient text of India.

How is Anokhi Dental unique from other practices?

  • We care for you on a mind, body and spirit level. Dentistry is more than just teeth to us.

  • We have created a beautiful, tranquil space with attention to the smallest details for your comfort. This includes the use of soothing essential oils, calming sound healing and music.

  • Our wait area has been creatively designed for you to relax in while sipping a cup of our delicious organic herbal tea and enjoying one of our unique and inspiring magazines.

  • Prevention, minimal intervention and patient education remain as our foundations of Anokhi Dental. We have built on this to provide you with an even more nurturing and “wow” dental experience.

  • We will “look beyond the mouth” to find out and address imbalances not only in the mouth but also your body.

  • We are SMART accredited with the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for safer amalgam removal protocols.

  • We do not use fluoride.

  • We use low dose digital x-ray systems and the most up to date cross infection control protocols.

  • We work closely with some of country’s leading holistic practitioners, including – doctors, ayurvedic practitioners, naturopaths, acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths and many more wonderful practitioners.

  • We offer extra comforts during your treatments like papaya lip balms, weighted blankets and neck cushions.

  • Our fabulous retail area has grown and we are now stocking even more natural oral care products, organic skin care products and enlightening books!

    There are so many reasons to come and visit us!

Book your appointment now and let us show you how unique Anokhi Dental really is!

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