7 Simple Steps to Natural Oral Care at Home

Author: Dr Aushi Patel

As we step into a fresh new year (and a new decade!), now is the time to freshen up your daily oral care routine at home!  We know today, that a healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body!


7 simple and effective steps to achieve top-notch oral hygiene

1.     Tongue scraping

This might be new to you? There is growing evidence supporting the significant benefits of cleaning our tongue every morning. Overnight our tongue accumulates bacteria and toxins which can often present as a coating. Have a look at your tongue in the morning and likely you will see this (often white) coating! Daily tongue scraping with a silver or copper tongue scraper is simple and quick way to remove toxins, from not only your mouth, but also your body. And the bonus – you will also enjoy fresher breath!  Ask about our Ayurvedic copper tongue scraper next time you are at Anokhi Dental.

2.     Fluoride free toothpaste

Swap to a fluoride (and sodium lauryl sulphate) free toothpaste. These days we know that tooth decay is not caused by fluoride deficiency, there are many other factors that come into play. We stock a wide range of fluoride free toothpastes.  Have a look next visit!

3.     Bamboo toothbrush

Is it time to swap out your toothbrush?  Why not opt for a toothbrush that is not only healthy for your teeth but also healthy for the environment? At Anokhi Dental we recommend (and gift our patients) a bamboo toothbrush with soft bristles, for exactly this purpose!  Make sure you get yours next time you visit.

4.     Alcohol free mouthwash

The benefit of using a mouth wash is to cleanse the mouth of harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation in the mouth. However, not all mouth washes are created equal! We recommend you avoid using a mouthwash that contains alcohol or any other toxic chemicals. These days there are plenty of herbal mouthwashes containing essential oils and herbs which are very effective against inflammation and bacteria in the mouth. We like and have a wide range of natural mouthwashes available in our retail area. There is also an Ayurvedic option that can be effective – ‘oil pulling’.  With this method you swish with a good quality organic coconut oil.

5.     Eat more alkaline foods

We know how beneficial an alkaline diet can be for general health and wellbeing. This includes foods like raw vegetables, nuts and seeds. Notice these foods are harder in texture – they will naturally clean your mouth as you are chewing! If we look to the animal kingdom, especially dogs we can see that chewing on hard foods such as bones is an excellent way of cleaning the mouth.

6.     Consider taking a probiotic

If your digestive system does not have a healthy balance of bacteria or has an overgrowth of yeast, then this can affect the mouth.

7.     6 monthly check ups with a scale and clean!

 Regular dental check-ups and a professional clean by a dentist cannot be beaten! You also have the benefit of staying ahead of expensive and sometimes avoidable dental treatments.  This is essential for excellent oral hygiene.

After a week of applying these healthy oral hygiene steps, they will begin to feel like second nature! Remember that a healthy mouth is essential for a healthy body!

Get 2020 started off on the right foot! If it has been more than 6 months since your last check up and professional teeth clean make an appointment online at www.anokhidental.com.au or call 02 9264 5195

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